Fresh Organic Herbs

Where to buy fresh organic herbs online? Intentional CBD fresh 100% organic herbs are just that, grown and cultivated with love in the U.S. Virgin Islands fertile soil, warm weather and tradewinds breeze. While there are many places to buy herbs, we offer the very best in organic raw herbs like lemongrass, soursop, rosemary and more that’s cut to order, and always ships fast and free.



Fresh Organic Herb Bundles

Lemongrass & Rosemary – 2 pack

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Fresh Organic Herb Bundles

Lemongrass & Sweet Basil – 2 pack

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Organic Herbs FAQ

Once An Order Is Place How Long Before the Herbs Are Shipped?

Intentional CBD herbs are cut to order, therefore when an order is placed, the herb is picked (soursop leaves) or cut (lemongrass) bundled and packed to ship. Based on the texture and color of the leaves specifically soursop, it may require a day or two at best for drying. If so, the soursop leaves are dried, packed and then shipped. All herbs are protected in a food-grade bag sealed to maintain quality and freshness.

Can I Create My Own Organic Herb Bundles?

Our fresh organic herb products for sale are set as is. If you’d like to create your own bundles, feel free to do so by purchasing products individually.

Are You Allowed to Substitute Products in Intentional CBD’s Organic Herb Bundles?

All products within our Organic Herb Bundles come only with the products described on our website.

Is Gift Wrapping Available?

Gift wrapping is not available for our Fresh Organic Herbs at this time.