CBD & Fatigue: What You Should Know

CBD & Fatigue: What You Should Know

Is CBD Good for Chronic Fatigue?

In the five or so years since CBD has burst into mainstream popularity, it’s helped children with epilepsy, adults with autoimmune problems, and elders with chronic pain. 

And while it’s easy enough to acknowledge the severity of illnesses you can see, there’s another group that deserves some CBD-centric attention: those with chronic fatigue syndrome. Keep reading to learn how CBD could help you break free from fatigue and stay energized. 
  • CBD 101
  • Why staying energized is so important
  • The link between  inflammation and fatigue
  • CBD vs. chronic fatigue
  • CBD: the rest you need?

CBD 101

Hemp produces many cannabinoids, but CBD can be thought of as its primary active ingredient. Good for both the plant that makes it and for us, CBD’s effects have been enjoyed by humankind for thousands of years. [1

Why do people take CBD? For all sorts of reasons!
  • To balance mood
  • To have restful sleep 
  • To achieve full-body balance
  • To reduce biochemical stress 
While many plant compounds support health and wellness, CBD is unique. It happens to interact with a system that’s built into every human’s physiology...your body’s endocannabinoid system. [2]

We’ll focus on the last of the above benefits in this article: reduced stress. Why? Because stress and fatigue go hand in hand.  

Why Staying Energized Is So Important

“Even when all is known, the care of a man is not yet complete. Eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise, ” Hippocrates once explained. “Food and exercise, while possessing opposite qualities, [work] together to produce health.” [3]

In other words, CBD is only part of the puzzle that is achieving ideal health. It shouldn’t be used to make up for poor sleep habits or bad dietary choices or any other element of an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead we’d encourage you to view CBD as a catalyst towards improved energy and less fatigue.

The link between inflammation and fatigue

One of the biggest known drivers of chronic fatigue is inflammation. While a little bit of inflammation can be helpful, chronic inflammation occurs when the stressed-out body begins to perceive itself as a threat to health. 

Chronic inflammation can lead to all sorts of detrimental stuff: muscle soreness, loss of mobility, insomnia, and, of course, chronic fatigue. 


In the past you had to use NSAIDs or prescription drugs to combat chronic inflammation better options just weren’t available. Thankfully, times have changed. Today anyone who wants to reduce inflammation has a much more holistic tool up their sleeve: CBD.  

CBD vs Fatigue

Many CBD users notice feeling more energized and less fatigued — and this change can happen fast. Just a few days of CBD use may be enough to lift the cloud of chronic fatigue. 

How do CBD’s fatigue-reducing effects work?  The research gives us some hints. A new study published in the Antioxidants journal found that CBD might help your body produce more of its own antioxidants. Researchers refer to this change as improved redox potential. And when your body is less oxidized and inflamed, it’s free to produce more energy. [4

CBD may also ward off fatigue by promoting fat burning. Dietary fat is the very most stable fuel source of all, so increasing fat-burning tends to increase energy levels almost by default. 

Research has also found that the terpenes in full spectrum CBD oil may boost your metabolic function. It appears to do this by activating special AMPK enzymes that further shift your metabolism towards fat-burning. Fat is a more stable fuel source than carbohydrates, so the more of it you can burn, the better! [5]

CBD: The Rest You Need?

Let’s go back to CBD’s potential anti-stress qualities for a second, as they too may help you escape the crutches of chronic fatigue!

One of the most tangible ways that CBD seems to fight stress? By reducing your body’s cortisol levels. While chronic cortisol overproduction can make your body become stuck in fight or flight mode — unable to sleep, unable to digest food properly, and unable to fully relax — CBD may shut down the stress response. Studies have shown that the compound might decrease cortisol levels and promote calmness and rest. CBD may also decrease cortisol enough to help you experience more restorative sleep. [6

And when you get better rest, all sorts of other stuff just tends to fall into place. It’s hard to feel fatigued when you’re sleeping soundly for 8-10 hours each night!

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