CBD 101: A Super Simple Guide For 2020

CBD 101: A Super Simply Guide for 2020 - Intentional CBD

    CBD. That three-letter acronym means different things for different people.  For some, CBD is a wonder-molecule of the most promising kind. For others, the term brings up connotations to marijuana. And despite becoming hugely popular in recent years, for many people, CBD remains surrounded by at least a little mystery.  Though pretty new […]

CBD and Pets

    Chances are you’ve already experienced glimpses of hemp’s goodness for yourself. Maybe consistently using a premium hemp extract was enough to reduce your anxiety, recover from exercise-induced inflammation, or help you sleep better. So maybe it’s only natural to look at your pet, see them struggling with the very same things…and wonder if […]

CBD, Keto, and Fat Burning

Could CBD help you lose weight? Maybe…but don’t get too excited. It probably won’t raise your metabolism, and we definitely can’t promise it will melt away fat or make you lose __ pounds in the next two weeks. But there’s still hope. Let’s say you’re about to start a low carb diet, like the ketogenic […]

How CBD Could Revolutionize the Way You Sleep


CBD’s popularity is taking off…and it’s about time. The compound has so much potential to help so many people, we’re almost surprised it didn’t enter the mainstream any earlier! It’s likely good for pain, inflammation, immunity, freedom of movement, and sleep.  It also appears to be good for mood, anxiety levels, focus, and general brain […]

Can CBD Help with Exercise? Here’s Why it Might

Can CBD help with exercise? Here's Why It Might

Can CBD Help with Exercise? Here’s Why it Might.   For many athletes, the day begins with your workout. Prior to working out, you might still be in that semi-conscious state that sometimes accompanies early mornings —  but that all changes soon. The day truly begins with your morning workout! Indeed, this workout sets the […]

CBD & Women’s Health


CBD & WOMEN’S HEALTH Did you know that women and men tend to take CBD for slightly different reasons?  What’s more, they’ve been doing so for centuries — perhaps without even realizing it. In this article, CBD & Women’s Health, we’ll be diving deep into how CBD can benefit women in particular!  Hemp & women: […]

What Are Cannabinoids? (A 2020 Guide)


What are Cannabinoids? A 2020 Guide CBD may be in the spotlight right now, but it’s far from the only facet of hemp that’s important.  That’s because hemp contains as many as a hundred different cannabinoids or cannabis-like compounds. The CBD we’ve come to know and love is just the start!  Cannabinoids: A Technical Definition The […]

The Amazing Endocannabinoid System

The Amazing Endocannabinoid System

THE AMAZING ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM Did you know hemp has been known and loved by the human race since our very inception? It’s true. Some ethnobotanists go so far as to say that hemp was the first intentionally cultivated plant ever. It shows up across various ancient cultures; everyone from the ancient Hebrews to early Asian […]

Terpenes 101: The Scent Molecules

Terpenes 101: The Scent Molecules What are terpenes? The most important hemp terpenes Pinene Myrcene Linalool Beta-caryophyllene Limonene Guaiol Humulene Terpenes and the entourage effect What are terpenes? Terpenes are tiny, super-sensitive molecules produced by many plants. They’re very similar to essential oils; indeed, most essential oils on the market today are about 80% terpenes […]